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Measure, Conserve and Recover the Cost of Utilities

One-Stop Shopping: We are here to help with every aspect of the process from the design and installation of systems to the fine-tuning of existing programs. Hardware, software and the support services that make them work are all available at Verde Technology Group at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Full Service: Our products and services solve all aspects of property management including general ledger accounting, maintenance cost tracking and projections, capturing capital improvement expenditures, and a monthly billing service for utility, rent or ancillary services.

All Methods: Find the best method to manage every property regardless of the property's age, design or budget limitations.. Learn how we have innovated reliable methods of estimating and measuring utility consumption and blending the two when required..

Best Practices: Rely upon our guidance to achieve the best result in the most fair and economical way possible..

Submetering Specialists: Submetering is the most-accurate way to recover variable utility costs at multi-unit properties and it is the proven way reduce consumption. Take advantage of our cost-free review of your property for its submetering potential..

Programming Services: Rely upon our custom programming services to integrate submetering and other conservation software solutions.

Outsource For Profit: Reduce management personnel and overhead by outsourcing the entire billing and collection process..

A Benefit For Everyone: Properties benefit from reduced costs, improved net operating income and increased property value. Tenants benefit from controlling their individual consumption and reducing their monthly utility expense. The public benefits from conservation of natural resources.

  • General information about the problems and solutions for multi-unit properties.
  • Management solutions onsite and outsourced.
  • Hardware and software solutions to fit the needs of every type of property.
  • How submetering, billing and collection services improve cash flow and increase property value.
  • Registration and Bill-Pay for Tenants.
  • Customer Support.
  • Visit our conservation products store (VerdeShops.com).
  • Ask Mr. Careful for conservation tips and ways to improve safety and save money.




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