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Now Is The Time To Consider AMR

Why AMR Now? New equipment now makes AMR very affordable. Verde Technology Group is a national distributor for BluTower, Inc., makers of affordable meters and the related equipment necessary for complete AMR systems. New low costs and improved capabilities place the sophistication of AMR within the reach nearly every property.

Automatic Meter Reading For Everyone. With the cost of installing and operating AMR systems falling and the benefits rising, now is the time for every multi-unit to consider the benefits of AMR.

Hardware And Software Together. Choose the hardware and software solutions that fit your particular property and obtain the exact level of service and support you need at the most competitive price in the industry.

How It Works. In a typical installation, a transmitting device attached to the utility meter sends the measurement of usage electronically to a data collection device that forwards the information to the billing company. No need for a person to look at the meter. This can occur once a month, once a day or at any interval, all without involving human labor or access to the property.

Do Not Replace Existing Meters. In many cases, older water meters need not be replaced. The BluTower register head with integrated transponder can be retrofitted to existing meters giving them the newest metering technology capable of electronic communication. For technical information and confirmation of compatibility, send an e-mail to info@verdetg.com or call (800) 964-1836. For a complete review of the technical specifications for any BluTower hardware, visit the VerdeShops website (http://www.verdeshops.com).

Inexpensive Data Collection. Until recently, collecting and transmitting meter data electronically required expensive equipment. The new BluTower systems are very affordable and can be mounted almost anywhere.

Why You Want It: Upgrading to an automated submetering system provides many benefits and savings not available when meters are read manually.

  • Reliablity. The submetering process becomes more reliable. Weather, disasters, strikes, holidays and other interfering events will not prevent or delay meters being read. Bills arrive on time and you will be paid on time.
  • Advanced Services. Automated readings support advanced services such as daily usage reports, leaks detection and other problems.
  • Remote Control. Meters that support two-way communication can be remotely controlled, adjusted or reset.
  • Improved Methods. Automated readings allow every tenant to be billed using the same method used by the utility provider including time-of-day or demand billing.
  • Enhanced Security. Properties are more secure when there is no need to provide access to meter readers.

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