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Hardware Is The Foundation Of Any Submetering System. Good systems begin with the right hardware. The meters determine the accuracy of the measurement and the type of billing that can be supported. Our knowledge of hardware allows us to help you with existing systems, upgrades and entirely new systems.

Install What You Need. Before making hardware choices, Verde Technology Group will help you select the submetering services that provide the right balance of benefits and cost and then help you select the hardware that supports those services.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs. Do not pay for anything you do not need. Careful planning produces the best results at the lowest cost

Basic Submetering. The basic submetering service is simply measuring usage of a particular utility in a particular unit. This is usually done monthly. The submeter is privately installed electric, gas or water meter that is installed in each unit.

Submeter Characteristics Different submeters are used for different purposes. They are utlity specific (gas, electricity or water) and can vary widely depending upon where and how they will be installed and how they will be read.

Methods Of Reading Meters. Traditionally, submeters display cumulative usage on a dial or display. A meter reader manually records this information at the end of each billing period. Modern meters, however, have many better methods of being read.

Modern Meters. There are several meter technologies used for submetering.

  • Some meters transfer usage data to a reading device held in contact with the meter.
  • A more sophisticated meter allows the reader to simply walk past the meter and the data is sent by radio signal to the reading device ("walk-by readers").
  • A meter with a faster and longer-range radio capability allows the reader to actually drive past the meter and obtain the data ("drive-by readers").
  • There is a family of modern meters that does not require a reader to be present at all. These meters send data to a predetermined location by wired or wireless telephone or over the internet. This is called Automatic Meter Reading or AMR for short.
  • The most advanced modern meters support two-way communication. These meters not only send data to a remote location but can receive data and programming changes from a remote programmer.

More Than Meters Automated systems require more than just advanced meters. The meter data must be collected and transmitted to the billing company and the billing company must be capable of integrating the data into the billing process. Verde Technology Group will guide you through the many choices available to select the least expensive solution that provides the services you need. In many cases, modern transmission devices needed for AMR can be retrofitted to older meters saving a lot of money.

Verde Technology Group is a national distributor for BluTower, Inc., makers of cost-effective sophisticated submetering hardware. Visit our products pages displaying BluTower products or visit the BluTower website (http://blutower.com) for detailed information about the amazing new line of affordable high-tech BluTower meters and data collection hardware. You can trust Verde Technology Group to know the equipment that will work best at the lowest cost for your submetering needs.


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