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SOFTWARE: Custom software for all aspects of the submetering industry that can be integrated with our clients' software. Learn about cost-effective ways to manage and recover the costs of utilities for apartments, condominiums, cooperatives, mobile home parks, multi-unit commercial complexes and almost any shared natural resource system.

HARDWARE: Verde Technology Group helps you select the correct hardware for any property. Licensed and bonded installation. Compatible with all software solutons including totally automated utilities management. We are national distributors for BluTower, Inc., makers of remarkably innovative and affordable meters, transponders, repeaters and data collection devices. We are also retailers of the superb American-made conservation products of Niagara Conservation that reduce consumption and save money.

RESOURCE METRICS: Resource Metrics is a scientific method for measuring and recovering the cost of utlities. Metricon, our proprietary software, supports the intelligent combination of software and hardware to maximize conservation and recovery of utilities costs while promoting conservation.

AUTOMATIC METER READING (AMR): Automatic meter reading is the most effective way to obtain usage data and it is required for some methods of billing that promote conservation. For example, time-of-day billing is used by some electric utilities to promote off-peak usage of electricity by reducing the price at those times. A property cannot accurately bill such usage without capturing the time-of-day usage of its tenants. Verde is a national distributor for BluTower, Inc., makers of the most reliable and affordable automatic meter reading equipment. Verde combines this equipment with its proprietary software to offer the most versitile and affordable AMR systems anywhere. These systems can duplicate the billing methods of nearly every utility provider.



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