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METRICON, proprietary software for the submetering industry.

Verde Technology Group specializes in submetering. Metricon is custom software developed to track and generate statements for the measured use of utilities as well as any other charges a property may wish to manage. Metricon is adapable to the newest hardware including the new family of affordable meters and data collection devices making automatic meter reading ("AMR") affordable for small and medium properties.

Using Metricon with the newest hardware enables properties to employ the latest and most innovative methods of billing and incentives for conservation. Metricon includes these features:

  • Billing history
  • Payment history
  • Security Deposits
  • Unpaid balances
  • Security information
  • Unlimited comments
  • Generate forms and applications
  • Generate Notices
  • Print profit and loss reports
  • Track financial information
  • Recover utility pass through costs
  • Support tiered billing
  • Support averaged billing
  • Export Data to Excel
  • Metricon is equally suited to utility bill generation for water, sewer, electric, gas, taxes and other special charges.

Verde Technology Group can also create a web presence for any property or group of properties and we offer special packages for creating and hosting property web sites.

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